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Used Paper Cutters

Dexter Lawson 52" Guillotine Stack Cutter

  --------------Coming Soon--------------
New Guillotine Stack Cutters and Material Handling Equipment.
Cutter Sizes from 30" to 118"
Contact EBiGroup now for seek peek and pre-release information 480-699-7889

Sold Guillotine Cutters

2007 SABER 54" Guillotine Paper Cutter

  Bank owned: 4 Guillotine Paper cutters, Auto trim and manual

SOLD  Wohlenberg 54" Guillotine Paper Cutter. Computer

SOLD Demo Saber X-15, 54" Price Reduced

SOLD  Reconditioned 54" Wohlenberg® Cut-Tec 137 paper cutter (1998)

SOLD 110" Lawson guillotine stack cutter SOLD

SOLD Lawson 110" Paper Cutter,
SOLD, but have others coming available