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Preco 2024 40T

Standard Die Cutter 25"x 33"

Imperia 33"x 44"

We have New Die Cutters
4-Post Roll to Roll / Sheet Fed
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Sold Die Cutters

Sold 1
997 YAWA MW1050A  
 Thomson 28"x 41" 
Die Cutter 11-8-6 Ac/DC

SOLD Preco 1212P 20 ton,SiriusCE 
SOLD Standard Die Cutter 25"x 37" Heat
Sold 2007 Thomson Vl 55”x 77” Hand Fed, Clam Shell Die Cutter.
SOLD Brausse P_160
SOLD 2006 YAWA TYBM 10400, 29"x41"
SOLD Brausse PE-102 33x44
SOLD Thomson National 22"x 28" 

SOLD2006 Thomson VL Die Cutter 29x41
SOLD Brausse Eterna PE1050S

SOLD Thomson American Die Cutter 28"x 41"
SOLD 13 Brausse PE-202/50 HF Foil
SOLD Thomson American Die Cutter  33"x 47"
 SOLD Imperia Die Cutter 38"x 54" 
SOLD Cauhe 59"x 98" Die Cutter
SOLD 2004 Brausse PE102 33"x 44"
1990 Kluge 14x22 Foil Stamper

SOLD Thomson 44"x 66" 8-7, AC/DM

SOLD Thomson 38"x 54" AC/DM

SOLD Imperia Die Cutter 34"x 48"
Brausse PE 102 50/H w/Heat

SOLD 2002 Cauhe 43"x63" 
SOLD Thomson 44"x 66" 10-8-7
SOLD Brausse PE202/50 Die Cutter
 SOLD 96 Brausse Platen Die Cutter,
SOLD Thomson American 28x41 Heat

SOLD 2006 Brausse PE 102, 33"x 44"

SOLDThomson Die Cutter 29"x 41"

SOLD 2001 Brausse PE-402, 21x28

SOLD Thomson National 22"x 32" HD
SOLD Brausse SB
L 1050SE

Removed fm Market Thomson National

SOLD Titan 160 Die Cutter 47"x 62"

SOLD (2) Brausse PE-202 Die Cutters

SOLD Thomson 28"x 41" heavy duty.
SOLD Thomson 28"x 41" G1
SOLD Thomson 22x32 6 AC-DM
SOLD 26"x 36" YAWA Clamshell

SOLD 1987 Bobst SP102 BMA-H
SOLD 1991 Rabolini Imperia, 30" x 40"
SOLD 07 Standard Paper Box, 32"x 44"
SOLD Thomson  Die Cutter 21” x28”
SOLD Thomson Die Cutter, 33"x 47"
SOLD Bobst 102E, 28"x 40"
SOLD 40" Die Cutting  & Foil Stamping 
SOLD Standard Paper Box, 20"x 28"
Sold Brausse PE 102/50F 32x45 w/foil

Sold  Standard Paper Box 32"x 44"
Sold   Kluge 14"x 22" with Foil
Sold Thomson 28"x 40" with Heat
SOLD Thomson 44"x 66" Die Cutter
SOLD Thomson 28"x 41" Die Cutter

 SOLD Majestic Series M85 Auto Foiler/Die Cutter with Stripping. 

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